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Living Your Best Life Through Practicing A Positive Psychology As A Philosophy Of Life.

What does living your best life actually mean?

For GRIT Positive Psychology, life is a process of evolution of consciousness, virtue and wellbeing in line with a worthy ideal. We work at developing ourselves daily and live life using uncommon knowledge, uncommon practices and generally receive uncommon positive outcomes.

People are chasing the carrot of happiness for themselves, buying things that they don’t need with money they don’t have to for a level of status or pleasure and remaining in a place of ‘stuck’ year after year after year….

There is no need and creating a life of your dreams starts with a choice to live your best life and become your best self.

After all, there is no ‘self’ and you are not stuck in any particular life. All that we need is the COURAGE to make choices in line with our worthy ideals and the commitment to keep taking steps and making changes in line with this truth.

Is it easy? Not really and, yes… Besides, when did anything worthy of our best efforts and with such importance ever come easy?

It can often be as simple as 1% better every day towards becoming your best and/or helping someone else on their journey.

Do you need a coach, counsellor or psychologist to help this journey? No, not necessarily. This does not mean that individuals who are depressed or anxious should not seek help immediately, as we firmly believe they should. Seeking help does take great courage and just reaching out can be the spark that changes everything.

Like any worthy pursuit though, having professional expertise assisting you as an invested collaborator in your life can help enormously.

The old adage goes along the lines that you can work diligently on your own to overcome obstacles and practice developing a new paradigm or you can access organisations like GRIT Positive Psychology to assist in bringing out your best self towards living your best life.

We have ‘been there and done that’ countless times and brought about transformations in individuals and organisations consistently across many years. We have provided a couple of Positive Psychology Interventions (PPI’s) for people to use straight away and can be accessed through our ‘Start Here’ page.

These are a small snippet of activities that we use within our proven system which you can access straight away.

We also encourage people to reach out to free services as required, where other assistance can be given to people who are suffering or feeling alone. After all, the work that we do is meaning-driven and in line with helping people from surviving to thriving as the most important guiding principle.

Focus on the process of developing the good. Not to be better than anybody else, but to be your best for you, your family and everybody else.

We are not special, because almost anybody can learn our way. After all, our motto states to Choose Your Mind, Choose Your Life, Choose Your Way! Make the choice to be the best you and work in that direction today.

Tip: A couple of questions we ask our children when they come home from school or around the dinner table TOGETHER that promote the above:

  • “Are you happy with how you applied yourself today?”
  • “Did you ask a good question today?”
  • “Did you do something kind for someone else today?”
  • “Were you brave when you didn’t want to be?”

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